What is the TT opinion on new formats such as SACD, DVD-A & Universal Players?

Our opinion as chiefly a two channel company on new formats is to essentially avoid them. Mainly because the music industry has not really taken these new formats seriously and very few titles are available. SACD is the more prevalent format but still not that well presented, whereas standard Red Book 44.1 CDs have been with us for a very long time and millions of titles exist, and continue to grow in massive numbers. Universal players are in our opinion not the answer either, as the medium to suffer the most is CD replay. This is because the other formats require higher clock speeds which are all dividable from the 48kHz reference. i.e. 96 is 2 times 48, 192 is 4 times 48, whereas 44.1 is not dividable down from 48. Also the disc spinning speeds in universal players are optimized for the higher formats whereas 44.1 requires a slower spinning disc. If the enthusiast must invest in players of this type we recommend buying less expensive machines as these fringe formats are already waning with Blu-Ray around the corner.