I thought all tube amps sounded soft, because they glow?

A lot of people assume that tube amplifiers sound slow, coloured and soft. This may be the case of some of our competitor's tube products but we can assure you this is far from the case with Tube Technology products. A well designed tube amp can offer a very fast slew rate and great dynamics with a clean presentation that is not coloured. The glow in a tube does not make them soft, this is simply a heating element, which heats the cathode so it can release negatively charged electrons which are attracted to the positively charged anode, creating conduction. So when you are listening to a tube amplifier you are literally experiencing electron flow.

Our circuit designs utilize the best combination of modern and classic design techniques, ensuring minimum distortion,, using very stiff power supplies which ensure accurate reproduction which is un-coloured and precise. We do not just re-make classic designs which have been around for the last 80 years otherwise they would sound coloured.

Other tube manufacturers do make much higher distortion products which are typical more of the older style circuits such as single-ended designs which can run into 5% THD, but because this is all essentially even-order distortion they can have a very pleasing sound but not necessarily accurate, this is where colouration is heard.