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DAC64 Digital Engine
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A deeper understanding
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system works

Full Product Overview & Specification

The Fulcrum DAC64 D/A Converter is no ordinary
Digital to Analogue Converter.

It features state-of-the-art custom digital circuitry utilizing
proprietary software to program FPGA devices to act as an
input receiver, digital filter and D/A converter. No off-the-shelf
chips have been implemented therefore offering a true high-end
converter for the exacting audiophile who wishes to use a digital
source but wants a truly analogue character.

Tube Technology was the first company to pioneer the use
of Pulse Array DACs initially launching the 24 bit system back
in 1998, which changed many peoples perception of what
was possible with standard red-book CDs.

Since the introduction of DVD and SACD many might wonder
why buy a DAC that essentially works with CD? The vast
majority of new music available today is still produced
on CD, SACD and DVD-A are still fringe formats which don't
offer the enthusiast a wide choice, and after hearing the
Fulcrum system with a standard 44.1 kHz source one would
question the need for other formats. The Fulcrum DAC64
achieves spectacular results from standard CDs comparable
or even exceeding the performance which SACD offers with
standard SACD players.

The Fulcrum DAC64 is a result of four years of careful
development in the world of digital audio design.
Our pursuit for excellence in replay led us to co-develop
a completely new form of Digital to Analogue conversion
known as Pulse Array. (most common D/A systems use
either multibit or bitstream technology). The decision to
enter the arena of digital audio replay was, quite simply
we couldn't find a reference digital source regardless of
price that gave us the same musically rewarding performance
provided to us from our vinyl source. Our original digital
products featured the 24 Bit Pulse Array system which has
now been superseded by the radically improved fourth
generation 64 Bit Pulse Array system.

The Fulcrum DAC64 is the worlds first tube 64 bit D/A
converter, incorporating the 64 Bit 192kHz Pulse Array
DAC and WTA long tap length digital filter.

The Fulcrum offers four separate digital inputs and all
inputs use a RAM buffer of either 1 or 4 seconds thus
eliminating clock errors and jitter caused from a separate
digital source. The Fulcrum offers a custom TT clock
locking frequency for enhanced performance.

The analogue output stage features long life high quality
Class A vacuum tube circuitry utilizing 6922 milspec vacuum
tubes. The DAC circuitry incorporates a milspec manufactured
4 layer gold plated pcb, with cutting edge semiconductor use
of FPGA devices running a software DAC on a complete surface
mount technology pcb. The software DAC allows the Fulcrum
DAC64 infinite upgradeability, as new digital formats appear
on the market upgrades to the software will be available to
enhance its use.

CDs are still the main mass digital audio media, if as a music
enthusiast you demand greater performance from your collection
the Fulcrum DAC64 will not disappoint, suddenly hearing extra
information from all those discs that were resigned to the
bottom of the pile.

The Fulcrum DAC64 will guarantee you this with a greater
sense of 'being there' just as the original analogue
recording had intended.

For a deeper understanding of how the Pulse Array system
works and the benefits over our pioneering Pulse Array
24 Bit system we introduced in 1999 please see the
'Fulcrum DAC64 Digital Engine' PDF.
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