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Full Product Overview & Specification

The Fulcrum TX4000 CD transport is supplied
with a switchable upsampled output up to
4 x Fs. (Frequency sample).

It also features a new and improved version of the WTA filter
as used in our DAC circuitry, but highly up-rated from the
standard 1024 taps to 4096 taps at 80 bits as standard.
A useful upgrade path is also available for enthusiasts
owning the Fulcrum TX24 which can be upgraded to
except the TX4000 engine.

As recognized in the Fulcrum DAC64 the WTA filter algorithm
has a unique texture and realism offered by this Pulse Array
system, the same brainchild has now been applied to achieve
maximum performance from a standard 2 channel Red Book
CD Formats such as SACD and DVD-A have been introduced
but after 5 years SACD (the more popular of the two) still has
only approx. 2000 titles (mostly re-issues), and DVD-A is
almost non existent. However the humble 44.1 standard CD
has millions of titles and continues to grow. The Fulcrum
TX4000 combined with our Fulcrum DAC64 achieves remarkable
results making new formats an unnecessary distraction.

The mechanism is designed to read standard Red Book CDs
with the upsampler switch set to 4 x Fs the maximum output
available is 176.4 kHz at 24 Bit resolution. The TX4000 can
be switched between 44.1, 88.2 & 176.4 kHz. The TX4000
connects to the Fulcrum DAC64 via dual data lines when
running at 176.4 kHz. Full support is given to clock lock
facilities and a plethora of connections are available on
the rear of the unit.

Off the shelf up-sampler chips are available, increasing the
standard 44.1 signal to 192 kHz, but after careful listening
tests we found the use of these technologies did not achieve
a high enough performance and found the overall presentation
lacking. We therefore opted for the custom WTA system
incorporating the very large 4096 tap length filter.

The Fulcrum TX4000 CD drive has been designed to offer
very low jitter and high quality error correction. It utilizes
the new Sony KSS213B optical block ensuring optimum
performance and reliability. Within the CD architecture
there are two types of error correction. C1 errors which
are corrected without loss of information known as loss-less
data recovery and C2 errors which uses the DSP chips in the
drive to interpolate or guess and reconstruct the data which
is missing by looking at the proceeding and advancing data
and creating an average value. As this data is approximated
it is theoretically audible, the Fulcrum CD TX4000 drive
utilizes very stable power supplies and accurate clocking
minimizing data loss.

The TX4000 features CD TEXT which shows the
album title and track title whilst the disc is inserted.
(CDs must support CD Text for this feature to work)
The Fulcrum TX4000 uses a Vacuum Fluorescent Display
which may be switched off for minimum interference.

The TX4000 incorporates a single FPGA which enables
the increased word length and master clock reference,
upsampling module and WTA filter. Independent power
supplies for all stages are fed by the internal mains
filter network.

The Fulcrum TX4000 CD Drive is supplied with a universal
remote handset offering 21 programmable tracks and 15
CD functions, and can also control 7 functions on our
remote control amplifiers.
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