The Fusion Link Series has been developed to offer
the enthusiast a range of cables that offer very high
performance, compared to similar cables in their
price band.

During the development of our line of Fusion electronics,
(which offer a fusion of technologies in a single case),
our research uncovered many new outside influences which
can hinder the performance of a system and the need for
cable inter-connection was highlighted. Our research led
us to co-develop with a major cable manufacturer a specific
range of cutting-edge cables addressing these problems.

To achieve this level performance two main areas have been
addressed. The first being the interaction between conductor
and dielectric, and secondly the effect of outside interference
from EM (Electro-Magnetic) and RF (Radio Frequency) energy.

The main problems found in most cable products on the market
today is the chemical reaction between conductor and dielectric,
creating an unstable environment for the conductor carrying the
electron flow. Utilising advanced manufacturing techniques a
special inert resin coats the conductor thus eliminating the
interaction between conductor and insulator/dielectric. As a
result cables take very little running in and exhibit a very
open and un-forced natural sound, the difference is not
subtle and can be heard in any tube or solid-state system.

Today's environment is a very noisy one. The air is filled with
powerful high speed high frequency noise generated from digital
communications from mobile phones, satellites, and your own
digital equipment. This presents itself in audio systems as a
hard grainy edge to music and can be very fatiguing. Our cables
use a special non-intrusive noise absorption system not active
filtering which is directly in the music path. Results are quieter
background noise and a smooth neutral presentation.

Selecting any Fusion Link product will guarantee to expand the
possibilities of one's system - a professional product for a
professional finish.
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