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The Genetix M200 Monoblocs from Tube Technology
are a culmination of over sixteen years of research
and development in the art of tube amplifier design,
representing our current flagship amplifier component.

The Genetix M200 is a highly developed and complex
tube amplifier.

A combination of many different experiences has led to
a new and exciting design concept. One elegant piece of
equipment brings so many technologies together offering
a very high level of performance, high power and visually
stunning piece of equipment.

The Genetix system starts by addressing the mechanical
properties of vaccum tubes and the interaction of the
chassis within its surroundings. Vacuum Tubes are large
mechanical devices which are prone to vibration caused
by the music signal itself. Often enthusiasts seek to
find the perfect rack/stand to place their equipment
on and thus eliminating vibrations from the system.

These micro-vibrations can cause oscillations to occur
in the system and thus add to distortion, when high
output levels of music are being demanded, this can
be a considerable nuisance. The Genetix monoblocs have
been measured delivering some 115dB of music power
in a large room, maintaining full control of the sound
stage and precise distortion free delivery, akin to
a full scale 'live' musical experience. Each monobloc
is housed in 'floating' chassis, mounted within four
suspension legs, machined from solid aluminium billet.
The chassis is suspended using neoprene mounts capable
of supporting their considerable mass of some 30kg.

This support system is called 'Rostrum' and can be
ordered with our other components in the contemporary
range. The Genetix use careful heat flow management
systems to allow each unit to be stacked on top of
each other, achieved without the use of external noisy
fans. Each support leg is de-coupled with two 1 inch
diameter ball-bearings. These can be stainless steel,
rubber or oak depending on the enthusiasts preference.

Each amplifier delivers 200 watts of power into a standard
8 ohm load, with a very high bandwidth in the order of single
hertz to over 100 kHz, across the full power threshold. This
is almost unheard of in the field of tube amplifiers, thus
setting a new unprecedented standard in tube amplifier design.
To achieve this level of performance a proprietary designed
output transformer of supreme quality and output stage had to
be developed, which for our own copyright reasons we cannot
go into great detail describing. Precision has been a chief factor
combined with a unique design philosophy and attention to
detail and hand-crafted British manufacture, with only the
best C-Core transformers.

Component quality throughout the unit is only the best,
featuring film & foil capacitors, bulk metal film Vishay
resistors, silver and high purity copper cabling, super low
impedance custom manufactured power supply capacitors
together with solid aluminium capacitors, achieve huge
reserves of joules for energy delivery when needed.

The Genetix operates in ultra-linear S form, push-pull
configuration boasting less than 0.1 % overall distortion
with virtually un-measurable inter-modulation distortion,
offering a scintillating audio experience that raises
the hairs on the back-of-the-neck, even for the most
hardened audiophiles.

A built-in microprocessor controlled 'watchdog' system
monitors bias currents and duty cycle on the amplifier.
The enthusiast at a touch of a button can monitor and
adjust each of the eight EL34 output tubes bias current,
check the amount of hours each tube has been running for
and measure the input mains voltage of the local supply.
The Genetix comes complete with mains filtering and high
current RF compensated mains cable, removing all problematic
mains born harmonics before they even enter the audio circuit.

XLR and single ended RCA inputs are offered and only the
highest standard of WBT connectors is used for coupling to
the loudspeakers. The aesthetic design achieves the open
style look of a more traditional tube amplifier coupled
with a contemporary engineered style available in silver
or black. All of Tube Technologies digital and preamp
products can be ordered to suit the Genetix support system
& colouring, therefore achieving pure isolation with style.
  © Copyright 1988-2005Tube TechnologyParticular In DesignHigh End Audio equipment designed and built in Britain since 1988