Tube Technology - History in the Making

The thermionic audio tube was invented in 1906 by Lee de Forest.
Its use in audio amplifiers predominated, developing a purist hi-fi
industry which became a legacy of some 60 years.

Music was all you needed.

This era saw a period of intense development by the greatest
technical minds, into the art of recreating natural acoustic sound.
All this time the thermionic tube played a major part and went
through great development by large corporations to engineer a
superior device.

This was the time of fidelity, seeing the invention of Stereo, the
Microgroove Record, Magnetic Audio Tape and many forms of
speaker technology. By the end of this 60 year era, low distortion,
high quality amplifier circuits had been invented, using primarily
pentode or tetrode tubes to bring full scale orchestral
performances into one's home. The audience was not easily
fooled, as most were avid concert goers and were living in an
era of non-electronic music; they appreciated real fidelity.

The legacy of the tube came to an abrupt end with the inception
of a cheaper alternative the transistor, replacing its thermionic
counterpart in audio amplifiers. The transistor revolutionised our
world and also brought many great associated technologies. But
many argued rightly, saying that transistors didn't quite give
the same "real sound" as the tube did. In fact early transistor
manufacturers even put "tube sound" switches on their amplifiers.

With the knowledge gained through the 60 years since the
inception of the vacuum tube and the knowledge of today, Tube
Technology have taken a step back to just before the transistor
was invented. Not ignoring those engineers of yesteryear, whose
exploits developed some fine tube technology, it is here we enter
the arena of purist amplification for The True Music Lover.

Tube Technology was founded by Zia Faruqi in 1988, who
continues as designer-in-chief, and the driving force behind
all aspects of the company.

One of the very first people in Britain to realise the dreadful
mediocrity of the average transistor amplifier and to do something
constructive about it, was Zia Faruqi. His burning passion to
improve our listening experience led to the formation of Tube
Technology and was influential in starting the present
tube renaissance.

In those days, to say that a tube amplifier had distinct advantages
over it's solid-state counterparts was akin to stating that the
World was flat. Undeterred, fired with enthusiasm, but with little
finance - Zia Faruqi set out to manufacture a range of tube
amplification which was to demonstrate the inherent superiority
of the thermionic valve and contribute to the general acceptance
of tube amplifiers today.

Three main aims were paramount to the concept of Tube Technology.

(i) Production of amplifiers combining the sonic virtues and
wisdom of the thermionic valve era but built using the most
up-to-date technology and manufacturing procedures.
Real-World amplifiers for every day use.

(ii) High-End sound quality which would be right up there with
the best available and, in addition, be built with a level of
craftsmanship and technical competence far beyond the normal
expectations of British hi-fi. "Excellence All Round" would be the
motto of this innovative specialist manufacturer.

(iii) Elegant, desirable visual design, appealing to all and
complimenting the home environment. Amplifiers which would
be treasured as timeless music making machines, akin to a fine
musical instrument.

In these respects, Tube Technology have succeeded admirably
with their products, being highly respected and sought after by
audiophiles in over 25 countries.

Innovation is the name of the game at Tube Technology. From
conventional pre/powers to stunningly beautiful integrated
amplifiers, they set the pace. Witness the mighty Synergy - a
muscular 150 watt dual mono, remote controlled integrated
of superlative quality. This unique design has received many
accolades from around the world of hi-fi, from the music
industry and even an appearance on BBC television.

Although Tube Technology is now a successful and expanding
company developing and pioneering a full range of world class
digital equipment together with its tube line-up, Zia and his
dedicated team still maintain the extremely high quality on which
Tube Technology's reputation has been built and being run by
perfectionists, continues to design and manufacture cutting-edge
products for enthusiasts who want that little extra.

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