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M.A.C. - Magnet And Coil
An abbreviation of the two types of phono cartridge accepted;
for amplification; moving magnet and moving coil.

The M.A.C. offers a new dimension in vinyl replay. Forgotten
by the masses, vinyl still remains the most exciting and vivid
medium in which the listener can become totally enthralled.

The M.A.C. is a state-of-the-art phono stage which embellishes
the recent resurgence of real analogue recordings, comfortable
in the fact that the best medium will stand the test of time
against the modern digital onslaught.

The wonderful world of analogue records is a serious pursuit
of the true music lover.

Our understanding of this medium is of paramount importance
as this medium enables us to engineer the correct musical
balance in all of our amplifiers.

For accurate vinyl replay it is of the utmost importance to
use a high quality cartridge and cartridge amplifier which
incorporates gain and RIAA equalisation. (When a record is
made the recording engineer cuts the bass and boosts the
treble to an industry equalisation standard which is called
RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America, this process
is necessary to fit all the music information into the
microgroove of a record.

The MAC is our cartridge amplifier, which offers superb vinyl
replay for the most demanding of analogue systems.

Switchable between moving magnet and moving coil this
versatile phono stage utilizes two twin low noise triodes
per channel, operated in single-ended class A, together
with high quality mu-metal core transformers for increased
gain on MC cartridges.

The mu-metal MC gain transformers feature a balanced two
chamber winding and four separate electrostatic screens.
Multiple interleaved windings achieve a flat frequency
response from 10Hz to 120 kHz with very low phase shift
even at 10Hz ensuring excellent transient response.

Load impedance's can be optimised with sixteen user
selectable impedance settings. On record playback the
active RIAA circuitry utilizes high grade components
ensuring the listener experiences the recording
engineers exact, musical presentation.

This ultra quiet unit necessary for MC users, incorporates
its own dual regulated power supply controlling both the
high and low tension supply rails. Using a screened toroidal
transformer together with solid state devices this supply
achieves remarkable speed and consequently the tube audio
circuitry performs with believable clarity and definition.

The output stage employs a cathode follower, ensuring a
buffered low impedance output, making it less cable sensitive.
All signal paths are hard wired with silver cable for maximum
signal transfer and high quality gold plated RCA phono sockets
are mounted on a non-magnetic back-panel for minimum interference.

Combining elegant circuit layout and high quality components
throughout such as gold plated valve bases, 1% tolerance metal
film resistors, Roderstein and Solen capacitors, the MAC allows
music to breathe with a vivid richness granted by the magic
of a vinyl pressing.
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