TT History
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Design encompasses a wide range of concepts from
aesthetic and musical ability to ergonomic and technical
merit, in these and in all concepts Tube Technology is
Particular, we know this is a major contributing factor
for our customer loyalty.

The perceptive enthusiast purchases hi-fi equipment
for the greater enjoyment of music. The better that
equipment, the stronger the illusion of being at the
performance will become and the sense of realism will
grow. Musical enjoyment increases.

At Tube Technology, we honestly believe that our
equipment enables the discerning listener to come
as close to the original performance as is possible
and nearer to the music. To achieve this degree of
fidelity requires a great deal of enthusiasm, skill
and care, few others are prepared to commit. That is
why our equipment is totally hand-built using only the
highest quality components and materials available.
Each and every component, every last nut and bolt is
lovingly inserted by hand to ensure optimum operating
conditions and long-term reliability. Your product is
built by a person, not a flow solder machine and this
is the ONLY way we are aware of that the highest
quality product can be obtained.

Our equipment (let's be honest) is not cheap -
it could never be, because we know the best cannot
be obtained in a hurry with inferior components and
build quality. Thermionic valves (tubes) technology
combined with modern solid-state power supplies and
cutting edge digital technology, is used throughout
our products, for we earnestly believe that this is
the only path to the musical truth. Tried and tested,
well proven our circuits are engineered to our exacting
design with a philosophy, less is more. The minimum of
components in the circuit path ensure that you get
out 100% of what goes in.

Furthermore, system compatibility should never be a
problem, as our amplifiers are designed to fit and
forget. Why should the purchaser be concerned with
impedance's, mismatches, efficiency, levels etc.
- life is too short. Tube Technology products are
to be enjoyed, not fussed over. The most robust
tubes, very easily obtainable, and rugged construction
throughout, will ensure an extremely long and useful
lifetime of unparalleled musical experience.

Pick up one of our units. Turn it over. Look at it
every which way. Inside and out you will find the
same fastidious attention to detail, finish and
aesthetics, reflecting the musical performance
it will give. We realise appearances aren't the
be-all, but how many hi-fi products look this good,
sound this good and/or are built to this high standard?
An anonymous black box might perform well, but pride
of ownership does matter as any Ferrari, Rolex or
Hasselblad owner will confirm. Wouldn't you prefer
an amplifier you can proudly show off to one you have
to hide and make excuses for? Be honest now.

Tested at every stage of manufacture, burnt-in,
adjusted, measured and subjected to a functional
and listening test before a final visual inspection,
polish and packing, our amplifiers are guaranteed to
perform optimally from day one. Our amplifiers are
not only the ultimate in today's technology; they are
the collectibles of tomorrow - family heirlooms for
the next generation.
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