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Prophet - 'one who sees all'
First in the audio chain after the source the Prophet predicts
without prejudice all that will be heard through ones amplifier.

The Prophet Signature line-level preamplifier is a vast
improvement over its predecessor, offering an improved power
supply and enhanced audio circuitry, designed for the enthusiast
who demands the utmost from their line-level source, especially
high quality CD.

The Prophet preamplifier utilizes two twin triodes per channel.
Each operating in single ended pure class A achieving a very
wide bandwidth of 3Hz to 120kHz. All signal paths are hard
wired using PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting)
cable and all components have been selected for quality,
musicality and measured performance, including capacitors
and resistors from Solen, Wima, Philips and Vishay.

The output stage utilizes a cathode follower ensuring a buffered
low impedance output, coupled with plenty of gain, the Prophet
achieves maximum fidelity even through very long inter-connect
cables. Considering its low output impedance, the Prophet
supplied with two pairs of output RCA sockets is ideal for
use in bi-amped systems. Separate tube circuitry for record
selector and record buffer is included, which allows a tape
recorder to be connected without unnecessary loading or degradation of sound.

The tubes are mounted horizontally for minimum 'shot noise'
effect and are located firmly with high quality gold plated bases
on suspension damped printed circuit boards. The Prophet
incorporates an electronic soft-start with automatic mute,
ensuring the unit a long and trouble free life.

Shielded casework and a fully screened power transformer
enables the separate power supply unit to be sighted directly
under the preamplifier. This ensures lower noise and interaction
between the units and consequently, a dramatic increase in
clarity and definition. The circuitry is specially designed using
solid state devices to achieve a fast, ultra quiet, fully regulated
high and low tension supply. This circuitry allows the tube
preamplifier to deliver exceptional definition and dynamic
response within a background atmosphere of utter silence.

By taking advantage of dual mono circuitry designed to sound
clean and natural and the extreme linearity of the vacuum tube
the Prophet captures each vibrant musical note which ever
amplifier it may be driving, tube or solid state
- a preamplifier to listen through - not too.
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