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Sovereign valves have been selected and graded
to meet the demanding standards valve amplifiers
require today.

Sovereign's years of experience testing and listening to a wide
variety of valves have revealed that only a very small portion
of those tubes commercially available are suitable for the
demanding audiophile.

Sovereign sets a standard of performance based on original
British military specifications where the type was available
or EIA of America specifications for non-British types.

All are carefully selected by experts using a combination of
proven test technology and experience gained in over 40 years
of experience in military & industrial British manufacture
and design of thermionic valves.

The valves are tested for noise, microphony, grid leakage,
symmetry between two halves on double triodes and audio
performance. (Analyzing distortion properties in the audio
bandwidth.) Anode current (Ia) and transconductance (Gm)
are measured at a given audio excitation and are recorded
on the device. All small pin devices B9A etc. are heavily
plated in 24 Carat gold increasing the surface area
of conduction.

Once selected the valves are then processed in a Cryogenic
chamber, using a special process incorporating liquid nitrogen
and other proprietary techniques.

The cryogenic super cooling treatment pre-ages the devices.
When valves are originally manufactured the small internal
metal parts are riveted and welded together causing stress
fractures, much like creases in paper if pinched with a rivet.
Cryogenic treatment removes these metal distortions,
increasing audio performance.

Valves have a great effect on the sound of your amplifier
and the choice of a premium audio device is paramount if you
are to enjoy the sound the amplifier designer intended you to
hear over the life of the valve. The use of commercial grade
devices could impair the stability of sound quality over the
operating life of the unit. On average, only a 30% yield of
a 100,000 production run of valves is fully suitable for audio
use, even for NOS valves (New Old Stock).

Don't waste years listening to those valves you thought were
good enough, select Sovereign as your preferred choice of
replacement valve, and reap the audible benefits these superb
devices will bring to your system. Sovereign are exclusively
distributed by Tube Technology.
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