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Full Product Overview & Specification

The Synergy is a highly developed and complex
tube amplifier.

The Synergy PPS is designed for the audio enthusiast who
wishes to have all the sonic benefits a complete hi-end tube
amplifier can offer to a hi-fi system, as well as other lifestyle
features which allows the more demanding audiophile easier
control over the system.

Designed as two monoblocs on one chassis together with a
dual mono preamplifier and dual mono power supply, this
model attains hi-end criteria and performance usually
associated with separates. This no compromise design
features dedicated transformers and power supplies for
each input stage and massive 600VA toroidal power
transformers for each output stage.

The Synergy offers a level of sophistication and sonic excellence
never available before in a tube amplifier, and because of our
purist approach to amplifier design, all user-friendly features
do not interfere or subtract from the audio signal.

The remote control features are; power standby, power on,
mute and volume attenuation. The tube preamplifier offers
five line-level inputs and is housed two inches from the gold
plated input sockets, ensuring minimum loss and maximum
signal transfer. Utilizing four low noise triodes operating in
pure class A and fully screened in its own chassis compartment,
this preamplifier is impervious to the output stage.

The volume control is precision engineered using a custom
designed digitally controlled audio attenuator. It switches one
hundred different resistor networks per channel, allowing
precise control of volume settings and placing only one
resistor in the audio path at any given volume. Consequently
the purity of the signal the amplifier sees is of the highest
audio quality and channel separation is in the order of 100dB
resulting in excellent stereo presentation of natural 'space'
surrounding each instrument or vocal within the audio image.

Fitted to the Synergy is OBBC (On Board Bias Control), which
monitors the current drawn on each output tube, thus allowing
easy installation of new tubes. For extra precaution each tube is
protected with a re-settable fuse. An elapsed time indicator is
included which is useful in determining the duty cycle of the
amplifiers vacuum tubes. An electronic channel staggered
soft-start is also fitted, ensuring a gentle remote
controlled power up sequence.

For signal integrity, inputs are manually controlled using
high quality gold over silver audio relays. All control
circuitry is non interactive using a dedicated power supply
which is automatically disabled when in audio operation,
ensuring rugged reliability and sonic purity.

The output stage utilizes six EL34 pentode tubes per channel,
operated in Ultra Linear S Form, developing 150 watts of output
power per channel. The output transformers are of supreme
quality which are a result of three years continuous development,
this permits an amplifier of this power rating to exhibit a
character which is agile and delicate akin to much smaller
power rated amplifiers. Painstakingly hand wound, with
multiple sections, the transformer achieves extended
bandwidth and using the finest core materials they
couple the output stage to virtually any loudspeaker
with a very tight grip.

Careful attention has been paid to component layout and
electromagnetic fields, these can be completely controlled
in an integrated design. This musically equates to finite
tonal resolution together with excellent timing, attack
and decay of the music signal.

Combining a total of seven individual circuit boards and
high quality components such as polypropylene film and foil
capacitors, 1% tolerance metal film resistors and ALL signal
paths hard wired with high purity PCOCC and silver, Synergy
is aptly named as a combination of technologies, which
together have greater effect than the sum of their
individual accomplishments.
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