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The Unisis was developed in 1990 by Tube Technology
and even after fifteen years it is still a much sought
after amplifier, combining the classic virtues of tube
amplifier design with the modern 'clean' power
delivery often only found in higher power designs.
It has often been imitated by other manufacturers
but never equalled.

The Unisis Signature is a vast improvement over its famous
predecessor. It features a new high current driver stage,
uprated power supply and best of all a superb new output
transformer which has been in development over the last
two years.
Other major improvements are individual output tube
protection and outboard bias meter acceptability,
allowing easier maintenance of the output tubes.

All of these improvements add up to a formidable amplifying
system, with improved bass performance and amazing control
and presence for an amplifier of this power rating, we
believe you will be delighted with the speed, delicacy
and openness of this exceptionally beautiful power-house.

Power is delivered into the most difficult of loads including
electrostatic speakers, which make most solid-state designs
curl up their toes. This neat package will take pride of place
in your listening room and become the centre of the most
ambitious of hi-fi systems where high power output is not
of paramount importance.

The chassis is hand-crafted from sixteen gauge non-magnetic
high purity stainless steel.

All signal paths are hard wired with PCOCC and silver cables
and kept to a minimum length. Inputs for are through high
quality gold plated RCA phono sockets and outputs through
a high quality pair of gold plated 4mm binding posts for
each channel.

The power amplifier section employs the EL84 output tube,
the smaller brother of the EL34 as used in the Genetix and
Synergy. This tube has a very fluid and crisp sound which
injects exciting realism into a music performance.

The new and improved output transformers are designed to
our proprietary design and each transformer is painstakingly
hand wound to our exacting specifications. The output
transformer is the most important component in a tube
amplifier and our obsession for getting this right is even
relayed in the manufacturing process, where during winding
inductance measurements are taken for extra precision
and consistency.

The power and preamplifier printed circuit boards are through
plated 3/32 fibreglass, three ounce copper fitted with silver
contact ceramic tube bases and component quality is carefully
selected for both musicality and reliability, including 1% metal
metal film resistors, polypropylene capacitors and long life
low impedance custom power supply capacitors.

The Unisis Power may be switched from a Stereo 35 Watt
amplifier to a mono 70 watt amplifier, so is very useful
for either bi-ampling or mono-blocking if higher power
requirements are needed for more hungry loudspeakers.
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