"The sound, in general terms,
is dynamic, tightly controlled,
wholly natural-and underpinned
with a gutsy sense of rhythm."

"The Unisis reaches deep into
music, retrieving fine detail and
engendering great presence."
"...the Unisis is seriously good value"

"Most valve amplifiers present
the bass about half a beat behind
the treble. The Unisis played both
with spot-on timing accuracy."

"From top to bottom this is a
remarkably well engineered valve
amplifier. Appearance doesn't
substitute for performance"

"Voices sound clear and
unforced and imaging is
good in both sideways and
front-to back directions"...
"delicate sounds like triangle
and quiet piano are clear and
crystalline, with good ambience."
"This is a nicely judged amplifier
which, if it doesn't blow all its
competitors into the weeds,
certainly shows many of them
a thing or two."

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